Looking for a fun a way to decorate a party or even just decorate one of your favorite rooms? Look no more! Plenty of colors to adorn any space.


Assembled sets come with tassels twisted but not attached to the twine. You simply need to remove from the box and slide the tassels onto the twine in the order you want them to be displayed. They ship better this way and we want you to get your tassels in excellent condition!

How much twine will you get?
Sets of 6-20 tassels come with 3 yards of twine (9 feet)
Sets of 24-75 come with 5 yards of twine (15 feet)
Sets of 100 and up come with 2 plus pieces of 5 yard pieces of twine. 
Need more twine? Just leave us a note in the message section at checkout. 

Tassel Garland